Voice Leadership Camp for Boys

Creating a brave heart, a responsible mindset, and a future story for the next generation of World Changers.

What we do

The Voice Leadership Camp for Boys is a youth development program that delivers in-person VOICE facilitation to boys in grades 1st through 8th.  The boys, known as Voice Navigators, are immersed in understanding how to harness the power of their VOICE and master their influence. Through an interactive curriculum, Voice Navigators focus on voice identity, confidence, visibility, ownership, and amplification. Additionally, the curriculum provides voice strategies for building character, setting boundaries, and for self-advocacy.

How We Do It

Through our research-based curriculum, our overarching goal is to give students the voice tools and strategies they need to gain the courage to stand up, show up, and speak up for themselves. Engaging students in our interactive workbooks and activities helps us to make voice positioning education exciting, engaging, and empowering.

I am a Voice Navigator

“I want other kids to feel like they don’t have to bottle their feelings up. I want them to feel like they have someone to talk to and that’s what the camp is for me. I don’t want anybody else to shut down like I did. Sometimes I would get mad or even cry. Now, I share my feelings a lot better.”

His VOICE can change the world.

In the Voice Leadership Camp for Boys, Voice Navigators are given the tools and strategies to step into the courage to stand up, show up, and speak up. Every Voice Navigator will be confident that his voice can change the world.

There’s really no such thing as the voiceless.  There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.

Arundhati Roy

I am a Voice Navigator and I am learning to…

♦ Identify

♦ Trust

♦ Celebrate

♦ Amplify

♦  and Lead My VOICE!

Are you the next

Voice Navigator?

Applications have closed for the FAll 2023 cohort of the Voice Leadership Camp for Girls & Boys. If you’d like to join the waitlist and be contacted when applications open for the next cohort, please complete the waitlist form.